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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a great addition to any marquee. We always recommend the installation of a hardwood floor where possible.

The hardwood floor is usedto cover the ground surface your marquee has been installed on. The ground needs to be relatively flat and will then be installed over the grass or concrete / surface.

The floor is raised and gives a suitable surface clear of bumps and pits in your ground for your guests to walk on and also allows any rain water seepage to go underneath it allowing the carpet or covering to remain dry.

The hardwood flooring will allow you to install many kinds of floor finish onto it such as carpet, matting, vinyl and will also allow your to have a dance floor installed.

Benefits of a Hardwood Floor

  1. Allows you to install any flooring finish on top
  2. Prevents water seepage
  3. Level walking surface
  4. Required if you would like a parquet or Led dance floor

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